Gentle Magic Set of 6

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6 Pack contains:

  • Gentle Magic Soap
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Mask
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Cream
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Lotion
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Serum
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Oil

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With its special blend of herbal extracts and nourishing vitamins, Gentle Magic will give you the healthy skin that you deserve. ​

Free from harmful ingredients or skin-stripping chemicals, Gentle Magic uses natural actives to keep you looking and feeling your best.

*Gentle Magic Skin Care targets impurities of the face. … This range of creams opens up the pores of the face thus making it easier to disinfect the harmful bacteria that can hectically damage the skin permanently. It increases circulation which makes the skin able to heal itself quicker.

**Gentle Magic does not contain hydroquinone or any harmful ingredients. Hydroquinone is illegal in South Africa, and the use of any such skin-lightening ingredients is very damaging and dangerous. Gentle Magic was developed to improve the health of the skin and we manufacture all our products with this in mind

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1 review for Gentle Magic Set of 6

  1. Flora João

    I’m really in need of this

    • admin

      Order on our website, you also have the option to order them as singles

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