Bellytox Tea (2 Pack)


Get back to your quintessential self through our  Bellytox tea, which detoxifies your body, giving it a nutritious boost while it burns and flushes away fats and toxins. The Bellytox tea cleanses the body from within by acting as a diuretic, increasing urination. This tea benefits your body in a number of ways: helping you lose belly fat, aiding in digestion, boosting immunity, improving skin health, improving mood, and increasing energy.

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Add a teaspoon of the detox tea to 500ml boiling water and let it steep for 20 minutes, till 80% of the herbs settle at the bottom. The detox tea should be taken twice a day, in the morning before you consume anything and before bedtime. Remember to eat healthy, drink more water, and a bit of exercise to stay healthy

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